Our CORE 100 range is here to give you access to key products across all of our locations, all with consistent pricing, including:

  • Dry ridge
  • Eave protection
  • Chimney products
  • Vent tiles
  • Fibre glass valleys

The benefits for you:

Enhanced Availability

With our CORE 100 range, your essential roofing products will be available in branches at all times, ensuring less delays to your projects as we have what you need, when you need it.

Trusted Suppliers

The CORE 100 range are all products from our top suppliers, ensuring we are giving you the best quality products to rely on.

Consistent Pricing

You can shop at any of our branches, or partner brands, and get the same pricing no matter where you are, meaning that you always know what you’ll be paying for your essentials to help you plan and budget better.

You can also rely on our CORE 100 range at our partner brands Independent Roofing Supplies and Roofing Gear.